This is me. Ranting. Raving. Don’t like it? Get over it.

Okay…as this is me being awesome – I’m gonna give you some info. Its up to you to believe it or not.

I was raised by a group of traveling circus freaks – thats the way I look normally.

After leaving the circus I was a merchant marine for about 4 years. Okay…gonna tell you right off the bat thats a lie. Mostly cause I dont know what a merchant marine is.

I married the most saracastic man on God’s green earth – my soul mate.

Then? I became a ninja. Still am a ninja. Don’t believe me? Did you see that? Yeah. Thought you didn’t. Why? Cause I am a ninja suhckah!

If you couldn’t tell? I am an extremely awesome, sexy and sarcastic momma to two creatures. One boy one girl. Both get on my danged nerves, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am very famous in real life, like more famous than Mickey Mouse famous. Seriously. Thats why I at first I wanted to stay anonymous.

As a homeschooling mom of 2 kids with ADHD and anxiety, life can be a little stressful. Add to that my bipolar diagnosis and my own anxiety disorder…I didn’t handle things well (translation – I ate. and boy did I).

Then about two years ago I stared at myself in the mirror at a family reunion…I was tired of being the biggest one at 320 pounds. So I started trying to lose weight, just by eating healthier. Everyone kept telling me that exercise was the way to go (especially with my depression), but I stuck with just changing my eating. I lost 15 pounds almost immediately. Then I hit a wall and gave up.

Then I went to the doctor – found out I was pre diabetic and had a fatty liver a year later. So I started eating better and I added exercise to my regimen. I walked everyday for an hour. I lost 15 pounds again so quickly. I was less than 300 (around 295) a weight I hadn’t been since before my 7 yr old was born. I was ecstatic. But I hit a wall and? I gave up on eating healthy but I kept exercising. My weight kept steady at 312. Well with some minor fluctuations but basically 312.

Then September last year rolls by and we move into our current apartment. I started riding the stationary bike; so I walked for an hour then rode the bike for an hour. I lost a lot of inches but still stayed around 312. December last year I went and saw a nutritionist. She gave me a diet plan to follow and to continue exercising as I was. I added yoga to my exercise course and kept to her diet and saw results.

Then around January my mom introduced my to Turbo Jam. I was hooked and since Ive been friends with Rossy (My awesome coach) on Facebook for forever I knew who to turn to for help as I continued to lose weight.

It hasn’t been easy – I mean I hit a plateau for 3 months straight! By Gods grace, I never gave up. Why? cause I needed to live. I was tired of being the big girl of the group and i was tired of not being happy. I have bipolar disorder and lemme tell you – if I miss a day of exercising? I am all out of whack. Exercise and clean eating have literally saved my life.

Whether you are just starting or have been at this a while with little results: DONT GIVE UP! Sorry for yelling but you can do this and you will see results.

Like my favorite shirt says: Never EVER give up

Uh, what else? I think very highly of myself. Don’t like that? I don’t give a flying fat floogie. Also? I make up a lot of words. I had another blog – Really? I’m a Mom? I graduated. I am more than just a mommy blogger now.

Oh wait. Here’s another – my farts smell like roses. Very  True story. Maybe.

Wanna talk? Why? Weird stalker.

Fine. If you want to email my awesomeness at fitjesstorres (at) gmail (dot) com