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Jess getting her mind and body FIT!

Mental health and Exercise

I know you've heard this a thousand times from different sources....but I want to come from a view point of someone who actually has a mental illness. Exercise? Is vital to my well being. But! I couldn't manage my... Continue Reading →

Bone Broth – Protein Powder

So you know in my search of all things healthy - I'm gonna let you know what I find. Well - I found this gem of a protein powder. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein powder. Now if you ¬†want they... Continue Reading →

No really it is ok

**WARNING: may contain  triggers** Why am I using it in regards to mental health? Well, that's a good question. You see its starts with me telling you more about my story (if you are new to the blog)...I had a... Continue Reading →

Getting healthy

I've talked about my addiction issues, but this addiction has been hard to overcome. Exercise addiction. I mean you wouldn't think its an addiction - but it is. For the past 3 years I've been trying to get healthy -... Continue Reading →

CALIFIA Protein Almond Milk – REVIEW

I have heard so many good things about CALIFIA products that I was so excited when I found this gem in Common Market. I immediately picked it up and on the way home I gave it a go. Protein Choc-a-maca... Continue Reading →

Arthritis and working out

  Again, I'm not one to say what you can and can't do - only a doctor can do that.

MyTape – Kinesiology Tape review

So the past couple of months¬†have been hard on me right? Well then - my back happened. So I was in physical therapy for a couple weeks (couldn't afford more - stinking health insurance). Welp. This memorial day weekend, my... Continue Reading →

Traveling and Weightloss

How do you travel and stay track on your weight loss ideals? Good question right? Especially as someone who has a several food allergies - this is a big thing. Last September, I went on a women's retreat - granted... Continue Reading →


I debated about sharing this story - but I cant help it. Besides I can do what I want on here right? So anyways, what was I talking about? Boys. So we were in the car driving around doing errands... Continue Reading →

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