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Well, I finally had the appt with the GI doc and? It was a complete waste of time. First he came into the room all rude and quiet - I didn't take that into account because my thyroid doctor is... Continue Reading →

Been hard

Its been hard here. Stressful....having to do with health and all that. Will be back soon - but now? I hafta take care of me and my family.

Concentrating on weight…

Ok. So I've been trying to lose weight for 2 years now right? Well, I've been  in a plateau since January. Actually technically since September - but I lost some weight since then. But I have been in a yo-yo... Continue Reading →

Non-Scale Victory for the WIN!!

So if you follow me on instagram or twitter - you know the past couple of days have been REALLY hard for me. Basically - anxiety and bipolar suck. Anyways, so today I was sufficiently beat....verging on falling into the... Continue Reading →

Peri menopause?

Yeah. I don't even know where to start. I mean it could very well be the thyroid issues - but I think I I'm going through peri menopause.  Yea I know I have hypochondria and I'm too "young"....but I have all... Continue Reading →

Post Workout Selfies

Post workout selfies - yeah everyone makes fun of them. I've even gotten some weird comments about my videos. I mean if you don't workout - think about it. yeah its probable the person posting is being a little selfish.... Continue Reading →

More Updates

So...updates on my health. Went to the doctor yesterday and she suspects that I have either: IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease or Celiac Disease.  I went onto each of the websites (except for Celiac...I am pretty sure I have it but... Continue Reading →

Bipolar sucks

Never. EVER. give up. NEVER. Lets talk people. fitjesstorres @ gmail

Your Thursday thought –

I hurt my back...again. Yes I know  - I can't with me either. But I think its just another pulled muscle so I just gotta chill....and not try plyo push ups for a while. But being injured, it got me... Continue Reading →

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