Having been a survivor of suicide….I know how much suicide thoughts take over. suicideprevention

How worn it makes you.

How heavy you feel.

Suicide sucks yo.

But I’m here to tell you there is hope, you ARE NOT ALONE.

Do not give in to the lies, my friend. Do not cave into the evil magentas – its an evil ugly color that lies and consumes. Jesus and I are here my friend. Keep on fighting!

First? The national LifeLine. That’s why they are there. They want to talk to you. About life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Second? Post Secret developed a suicide prevention wiki that offers a variety of suicide prevention hotlines, online chats, text only lines and resources (includes various countries).

Third? Call a friend, someone who you are close to. Tell them exactly what you are going through. Stop listening to the lies – you are loved.

Last? Call your doctor. You need to get help.

Because? You are needed. So very much needed and loved.

Don’t give up my ninja.