That’s right yo.tumblr_mqk5uxKIlF1r6989ko1_500

I’m a ninja.

Mom by day; mental health ninja by night.


I beat down stigmas as the suhckahs they be.

I stand up for those who need some…standin’ up for…them.


This page started out all hard too.

Here’s the spiel.

Mental health advocate; PPD activist; mom to two monsters I lovingly call my cherished kids.

Need a ninja?

I’m yo gal.



Rarely, I offer reviews of mental health related items; I do speaking engagements and the occasional G+ pep talk…if I really like ya.

For those who are suffering and feel like they are alone?

I am here.

Please email me or @ me on twitter/facebook/tumblr. Even if you want to talk about the weather, what stupid thing a Kardashian did/wore or what your green cat is wearing. Wait….well, you get my drift. I am here to talk always.

 Please if you need to talk to someone and have no one else to talk to I am here and I love to talk. Just ask the husband.



fitjesstorres (at) gmail (dot) com

twitter: ImperfectJessT

facebook: ANewMom

Facebook Page: The Imperfect Jess Torres