So y’all know I’ve been using Bone Broth Protein. Well, after a month? I have some thoughts.

Its probable that you have heard about Bone broth. If not; basically click HERE for a good run down.

Anyways, I had been searching for a good (translate that to tasty) protein shake. And? I found one. Not only did I find one, but I found one that is so good for you!

Since it is a bone broth – I have noticed some changes to my arthritis issues (I have arthritis in both knees). The pain has quite lessoned. It promotes that bone broth is good for joint health – but I didn’t believe it. I mean I was in so much pain – I didn’t think anything could help. But this really does.


My hair. Remember where I was talking about shakeology helping my balding issues? Well, since I obviously don’t do shakeology anymore, I was worried. This? Well, it says its supposed to help your hair be more – illustrious or whatever; but I am also taking ACV and a new biotin hair shampoo. Anyone of those could’ve done the trick. But….whatever. Just being honest w y’all.

And then? My … ahem…bowels? Ha. I don’t know how to say this, but I am extra regular. According to medical guru Dr. Oz (can you tell I’m not a fan?), you are supposed to poop 3 times a day to be really healthy. And he goes into the types of poops it should be – but I’m not about that. I’m just doing good.

Moving on.


I have such energy after I drink my protein shake. I mean, yes, you can say its probably the actual workout…..but I’m going out on a limb and say its my protein shake.

Though, I do have some problems with it. When I use it in my shaker cup – it doesn’t mix well with the coconut milk. I know that happens with cold drink and protein powder – its just annoying.

Dang. I just forgot the last one…..I don’t know – wish this would help my memory. Sigh. Thyroid life.