IMG_3956I’ve done a lot of posts about having bipolar. I don’t do it cause I want you to know I’m normal. I’m fine with me. Well, wish cause there are still some things I would like to change. But seriously – why bipolar?

Well cause, I want you to know its ok.

Its ok to be overwhelmed.

Its ok to not like your kids sometimes.

Its ok to want to leave.

Its ok to be afraid.

Its ok. Its normal, well with mental illness its not normal per se but! Its normal within the disease. I’m getting sidetracked. The thing is? You hafta remember to fight.

Fight for a normal life.

Fight for your kids.

Fight for your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever.

Thats why I write about life with mental illness – so you can know its ok (it really is) and keep fighting!IMG_0165

When I was my sickest, it helped me to see others acknowledge their disease. I helped me  fight cause I knew there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Mental illness is a horrible thing to go through. It sucks big time. But don’t give up. You will get through this.

And Yeah.

Thats right I said it. Gold. Rainbows. Unicorns. You name it – you got it.

It gets much better friend. I promise.

And I promise to never stop letting you know – it will get better.