We are a society – unfortunately – that fat shames. As someone who was overweight for….i can’t even tell ya its been that long…it hurt. But funny thing? I never noticed it until now. Well, thats a lie. I’ve noticed it but it didn’t hit me till now.

Lemme explain.

Last year sometime – we went to Silver Diner for the first time. We had a horrible time. I mean, it was kid night (they totally ignored our kids); they put us into a booth away from people and it was very tight for me to fit into (my husband even complained how small the booth was); my son was sick and my husband was grumpy and so was I (it was meds time). But we heard such great things about this place so we wanted to try it.

We ate and it was truly great food – but the service was horrible and people kept looking at me weird.


At the time – I thought it was because my husband and I look like an interracial couple.

Also thought it was because I was the darkest person in there.

Needless to say we never went back.

Well, at least until, last night. With my newly found food allergies this place has been the better place for us to eat out – thats safe for me. Well that and Red Robin…Red Robins? Well, y’all know what I mean.


Last night I noticed a couple of hispanic people as waiters but still hubby and I were the sore thumbs (outside of the staff)…but? People were nicer…friendlier.

Thats when it hit me. I’m skinnier.

I fit into the booths now. I don’t over eat. I don’t look …. fat.

I hate that word…I think I’m gonna tell my kids not to say that anymore. Its such a hard word. Bad word.

Think about what you think of that girl in the pic – first thought is she’s chubby right? I’ve heard that all my life and just got used to the judgement.

But no. Its gotta stop people.

Fat is a hate word. Stop showing hate to those who are larger.

Yes, its very likely they did that to themselves – but its just as likely they have a traumatizing, underlying reason for that.

I’m not saying go out and help those people help themselves or whatever. I’m saying c003b6d3286a0ea0934f8a3ead25b57eb0590b846290e5c0f31fb4ea72b75f53don’t judge.

Offer a smile.

Offer love.

You don’t know the hell they are in or whatever.

Be kind. Love. I know you got it in you