I know you’ve heard this a thousand times from different sources….but I want to come from a view point of someone who actually has a mental illness. Exercise? Is important…no vital to my well being. But! I couldn’t manage my illness without meds.

There have been several studies that prove exercise helps … enter in what mental illness you choose – you can search any online. As someone who has bipolar, OCD, ADHD and anxiety; it really does help.

The days that I don’t exercise I notice I’m more …. bleechy. Yes, thats the technical term. I can’t concentrate – I’m more anxious – I’m sadder. It hurts me to not workout. Exercise helps me to stave off the evil magentas but without my meds? I’d be a mess.

The meds help me remain stable, while the exercise does too – I can’t do just one or the other.

Now, I’m not gonna be presumptuous and say no one (suffering from a mental illness) can live on exercise alone. No, some can. But … and thats a huge but … you hafta remember everyone is different.

I know someone who has bipolar disorder and survives by exercising alone. (that decision can only come from you and your pdoc (psychiatrist)), and thats great but if you are a person who needs meds – remember this: its okay if you need to take meds.

Don’t be afraid to take meds!

Yes, exercise helps and so does changing your diet – but it goes hand in hand with getting medical help. Everything is connected in that way.

Think about it – I mean if I eat caffeine and don’t workout? Yikes. But for others that might be fine (to drink caffeine). What am I suggesting?

Talk with your doctor. Exercise (a walk around the block is exercise). Eat better (cut out that caffeine!). See what happens.

I promise – not as a health blogger – but as a woman who suffers from bipolar .. exercise and eating better really helps.