So. I love NF Real Music – but this is seriously therapy time. Long post (maybe)

I talked about Exercise addiction and overworking out. well, I recently realized I have a problem. A couple of months ago I started getting a pain…well not really a pain. Like a dull ache. A dull ache in my lower but, upper thigh area. I chalked it up to the elliptical and ignored it.

Well 2 months later – i still felt the pain so I figured it was anther pulled muscle. I stopped my exercises and did just yoga for a week then when I wasn’t feeling better I spent another week doing absolutely nothing but walking. Still in pain I called the doctor (that was last week.) I saw her and she told me I have Pyriformis Syndrome. Basically? I pulled a muscle in my butt. I am gonna need physical therapy – for Lord knows how long and I dont even know when I could go back to my TurboFire. 



I dont really want to talk about – but basically I need a biopsy. The doctor is really comfortable saying it is pretty likely benign but they want to biopsy it as a precaution. FIne right? Well, I literally spent the day at the doctors to find this out. So I went from: 

“Huh, ok. They making me wait a lot. I’m pretty sure its okay”
“Hmmm…..they still ain’t telling me anything and now its the 2nd hour I’m here. Something is up”
(Near tears) “Holy crap I’m dying!”
“Oh so I have nothing to worry about?”

Freakin doctors. I’m so emotionally drained i cant even think of functioning right now. But function I must. Laundry and dishes call me.

Sigh. Now all I need is for my doctor to call and say (I had an X-ray today) that I have a broken hip. That’s all I need.

Plus side to all of this: I got down to my wedding weight!!! Thank you Jesus!! I was told earlier by Dr A….that I could do yoga but beginners only. So there’s that at least right? Now to go be a mom