I don’t think I’ve ever said on the blog: but I suffer from food addiction. I’m not seeking outside help – but I am working on it.

I’ve had several people ask me what it is. Like I guess they wanted warning signs to look for. And really? Its complicated. Honestly it comes down to: do you eat mindlessly when it comes to a certain food? No. Not mindlessly. Its hard to explain. Like you just cant stop yourself with certain food. Like for me – its chocolate. And it was also cheese but we know how that is being nipped in the butt. But anyways, I dont know how to say no to those foods. Like I keep shoveling it in my face (if I’m around it). Oo and chips – nah. Really anything salty.

How I go through it is not buying it. Not in the house therefore – no temptation. Now, since realizing my food allergy, a lot of the foods I was addicted to I cant have. But before I realized it – I could NOT stop myself. Like salami? My husband stopped buying it cause I would just eat it mindlessly. Not keeping track of how much I’m eating or anything. I started on My Fitness Pal (I’m JessicaTorres15 if you want to friend me – would love more accountability) to try and help keep me in check. That didn’t work. If I didn’t have Celiac or the milk allergy I would probably have gotten some help. But now? Most foods I had a problem with – I cant eat.

But, according to the research I did, the best way to overcome this crippling addiction (Ever seen my 600lb life?) is to get counseling. From a professional or a trainer/coach. But I’m hard headed and cheap. So I hafta do this on my own. So so far – like I’ve been saying; my wheat and milk allergies has knocked out most of the foods I’m addicted to – but there are always replacements.

Like I went in search of dairy free chocolate. I found these cookies – so good and gluten and dairy free! What helps is that they only come in packets of 2 for $2 at the health food store. At that price I wont buy often – but now I know they are there. 

Baby steps right? Currently I take pics of what I ate and post them on instagram – more accountability. Helps a little more – but I dont always remember to take pics. 


One day at a time right?