img_0939So, I’ve had more stomach issues. Man I am so tired of this. So I made an appt to see another GI Doctor. Hopefully this one will be better and actually listen to me.

But in the meantime – I researched my Gluten test results. It seems like I should be lactose intolerant if I have it. Which – really explains ALL my symptoms. I mean every time I had an issue I had something that had milk in it. Well, there were a few times that I didn’t. But after the research I do some more digging.

Those other things? Had milk derived ingredients. And? I have every symptom of a milk allergy.

Obviously I am gonna talk this over with the GI doc (I don’t see him till May) but until then I will act like I have a milk allergy.

And the topper? I just realized the juice drink I’ve been drinking contains milk AND wheat. No wonder my tummy is still acting funky.


Is this done yet?

I just realized food shopping is gonna be hella hard (ha! Did I say that right?). But seriously. Do you know how much food has milk in it?