Yay! I’m done. Not saying this wasn’t an awesome workout – I just like completing a workout. Why? Cause beachbody has this cool thing where they send you a free gift for finishing a program

I hurt myself doing 22 Minute Hard Corps so I had to take a week off….making this last longer. But boom baby! I did it. I will admit that I did most of these workouts modified – but hey this is proof you can get the results even modified.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone. There’s a modifier and everything. Everything being you can do this program and feel encouraged even if you are modifying! Like Shaun T is a great motivator but that’s not what I’m talking about. You see the whole point of Isanity Max 30 is to push yourself until you “max out” or pushed yourself til you cant move. And seeing those “fit” people failing in their workout? Made me feel like I could push myself.

I will definitely come back to this – like I stated before. But not for a while.


I’m even thinking about changing my next program from Core De Force. Give my body a rest ya know?

Then again Core De Force is only 30 days….ahhh I’ll see.

Anyways here are the results:

Stats when I started:img_1098

Weight 245.6

Waist: 40″

Hips: 39″

Chest: 38″

Right Arm: 13″

Left Arm: 12.7″

Right Thigh: 19″

Left Thigh: 19.5″

I will say that during this time, I went through some thyroid and weight problems and went up to 250.

Stats from today:

Weight: 241

Waist: 39″

Hips: 39″

Chest: 39″

Right Arm: 12″

Left Arm: 12″

Right Thigh: 18″

Left Thigh: 19″