Is it real? I mean can you really be addicted to exercise? Isn’t that a good thing to be “addicted” to?


This frustrates me – people mock this thinking its not a real addiction.

But it is. No, I don’t have it…I don’t think. But I do have OCD and if I change my schedule – it throws me out of whack. Literally my brain is convinced that if I miss more than a day of working out, I’ll be fat forever. Doesn’t help being in a plateau and all.

But enough about me! Exercise addiction is a real thing and can be very harmful – just like any other addiction. People can get too involved in being healthy that it becomes unhealthy. And this is tricky to maneuver through because you need exercise to be healthy.

Treatment for it – I don’t know but you definitely should talk to a doctor about it.

I know someone who has an exercise addiction – they are very careful in how they exercise.   I, myself, have forced myself to take more rest days and I listen to my body.

Thats key. Listening to your body. I know you may think that sounds crazy but someone who is addicted, works out no matter what. If they are injured or not. Now, I’m not talking doing yoga – I’m talking bench pressing, insanity…major exercises no matter the pain they may feel.

Its not listening to your body.016b915ac70b82c18eb742313a7daf12

Its being too tired.

Its getting injured a lot from your exercises.

Its not healthy.

Listen to your body.

Now,  I can’t tell you much more than that cause everyone is different. What i can tell you is what I’ve been saying – listen to your body.

Who’s to say how long and how often you workout? No one but you. Workout 7 days and rest 1? Workout 5 days and rest 2? Who knows? You. You know your body better than anyone and you will know when you should rest.

Listen to your body peoples!