Well, I finally had the appt with the GI doc and? It was a complete waste of time.

First he came into the room all rude and quiet – I didn’t take that into account because my thyroid doctor is the same way at first. So I thought great – task oriented doc. so he asked me very few questions then told me he wanted me to take a stool sample test.

I told him I already had one and he looked up the results….not a good sign when your doctor doesn’t look at your file before talking to you.

Photo on 3-20-17 at 2.47 PMso he then tells me I hafta take 2 more stool samples because he wants to test for 2 different bacteria.

I had to find out from the nurse that I hafta get the kits from the lab (grr) and that when I take one stool sample – it has to be diarrhea or it won’t come out right.

She gave me the slips and sent me on the way. I look at the slips….he’s testing me for C-Diff. I have only one symptom of that (diarrhea) and even then I only get it when I EAT certain things.

I mean if you see a duck – call it a duck not C-diff!

I blatantly asked him – could this be IBS? And he answered: yes its very possible that you have IBS. But you had your gallbladder out so it could be that (I had it taken out 10 years ago. my symptoms started December).

So talked with my husband and he made a good point. I’m getting better, so I shouldn’t do the tests. My personal doctor wanted me to see the GI doc only to talk about Celiac disease (which my results came back that I do have it. Maybe.)

So I’m not going back – mostly cause they were rude to the kids. But now I have to keep a diary that triggers me…like recently it was cashews. So…I probably have IBS, though my husband would kill me for saying that….but a ducks a duck. Know what I mean?


P.S. we are having trouble with one of our kids health. Hubby and I talked it over, while I have mentioned the problem on the blog – I won’t be anymore. But I need an outlet so I will be hinting at it. We hafta see a doctor and possibly a specialist – so if you don’t mind please say a prayer for us. Its a very trying time for us.