Post workout selfies – yeah everyone makes fun of them. I’ve even gotten some weird 16508991_398603630531931_734254560241052341_ncomments about my videos.

I mean if you don’t workout – think about it. yeah its probable the person posting is being a little selfish. But what about those like me?

I post my videos as an accountability measure.

Think of it – I am a stay at home mom of 2. Who do I have to push me to workout? Yeah my kids – but they are kids and my depressed mind can just shut them out. And lets be honest most days they don’t care if I workout or not.

But if I put it in my OCD brain that I need to post videos everyday of my workout? Thats sometimes my only motivation.

Heres another: someone I know is getting into weight lifting (I like to think I’m the influence there) but the way they got most of their moves? People who post their workout videos and pics.

I hope that my videos will help someone…even if its only “Man if she can do it, I definitely can” type motivation.


But seriously, those pics? Could also be a way of saying: “Look how far I’ve come over coming my own faults”. Think each sweaty selfie – post workout selfie – whatever you  call it… a triumph.

Unless the persons a jerk….

sorry I had to go there.

Lets talk:




Snapchat: fitjesstorres


Starting weight: 315

Current weight: 240.6

Goal weight: 200 – I’m reaching for it but honestly I’ll be happy with anything below 230

Dietary plans: counting calories and low carb; not eating after dinner, working out on an empty stomach

Workout plan: walking, 22 Minute Hard Corps, yoga, Insanity Max:30

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids