So…updates on my health.

Went to the doctor yesterday and she suspects that I have either: IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease or Celiac Disease. 

I went onto each of the websites (except for Celiac…I am pretty sure I have it but I’m gluten free anyway) and of all of them? I have all the symptoms for IBS. 

So my doctor and I talked it out and she said its highly likely that the Shakeology is still in my system and my body’s still reacting. So I should wait a week and see if I still have symptoms. If so – I gotta see a GI doctor. 

In the meantime I hafta get some tests done.

Yea, I’m like on the verge of not doing all of it – cause I really dont want to take a sample of my own poo.

Ugh. I’m getting anxious and jittery just thinking about it.


I promise I am gonna do it….I just cant think of it til Monday. That’s when the fun starts.

Someone hold me please.