Its hard. 

Sometimes you just hafta let it be and sometimes you’re sitting with your child explaining why sometimes being scared for no reason is okay. 

That you still love them even though they did something wrong. 

Sometimes you’re changing their pants for the 15th time that day because it had a spot.

Sometimes you’re reminding for the 5 millionth time to get dressed because they keep running out of their room.

Sometimes you’re explaining to them that they dont need the music turned to a specific volume.

Sometimes you’re explaining to them that just because its a certain time doesn’t mean its meal time.

Sometimes you cry because they just cant pay attention no matter how hard you try to get their attention. 

Sometimes you’re explaining to them that they dont need to watch the same spongebob for the 4000th time and still losing to spongebob.

Sometimes you wonder if they will ever sit still.

All the times you dread when people offer them sugar.

Sometimes… feel horrible because you scared the living crap out of them, when you reprimanded them. 

Sometimes, you wonder if you are a good parent. 

Sometimes you wonder how they’re gonna be able to cope as they get older.

Sometimes you wonder …. did I do this?

All the times you wish this wasn’t happening.

All the times you pray and ask God how to help them.

All the times you hold them – especially when you’re mad….cause they sense it.

All the times you sit with them and explain everything you can to them – because sometimes they dont ask.

All the times you play with them (When I can) so they can remember the good.

All the times I pray for them.

All the times I’m there for them.

We’re not special, we’re far from it. But sometimes you just need to write this out.