So I’ve hit a plateau…….and its 3 lbs heavier than where I was. I keep losing weight but then I gain those three pounds right back. I know exactly what it is too. I have just been snacking like crazy! Not last week, but the week before I was snacking on sugary and carb-y stuff. Last week I did better but not by much, I was snacking on my healthy snacks but in hefty mode.

Oh and I’ve hit a wall exercising too. I hafta find my motivation again. I’ve been running and doing my Turbo Jam….but meh. Gotta say though I didn’t run as much as I wanted last week….that could be a factor.

workout-motivational-posters-trainingI’ve just been sucking lately – and I dont appreciate it either. You would think that would be a motivator for me…but its not. I think I just need an overhaul. Does anyone know how to do that? For free of course ;p

Maybe Im in a depressive episode and just don’t realize it. Nah, I would know. I just wanna place my blame on something other than me. I just ahhhh!!!!

Thats it.

This is my new leaf that I’m turning over…..or something that makes sense.

I need that gusto and I’m (by Gods grace alone) gonna beat this funk and lose more weight.  With Gods help I will figure this out.



Current weight: 286

Goal weight: 200 – I’m reaching for it but honestly I’ll be happy with anything below 230

Dietary plans: counting calories and low carb; not eating after dinner, working out on an empty stomach

Workout plan: walking, exercise bicycle, yoga, running, Turbo Jam

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids

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