Not a good day….I cheated and ate 4 chicken nuggets. Trying not to beat myself up about that but its harder than expected, I have a good reason. My lithium ran out last night and I’ve been wrestling with my disease all day.

I worked out – did my yoga with adriene and walked for about an hour – but it wasn’t IMG_0541enough for my brain. I needed to run; even though my leg was bothering me (cause of all the rain we had this morning).

So after the rain stopped – I went to my moms, so she can watch the kids while I ran, and went running. I lasted 9 whole minutes.

Can I tell you how upset I am because of that? Sigh. I’m even more upset that my knee still hurts so its probable that I won’t be able to make up for it tomorrow.

I just want a do-over on today. and new knees – preferably new knees.