IMG_0869so things are going swell. I’m still struggling with my snacking but my exercising is going well.

I stopped the slim in 6 but a sweet angel bought it for me and I should receive it within the next couple of weeks. I am so excited. But in the meantime I have found Brazilian Butt Lift on youtube and the workout has been awesome (I’ve only done one).

I went to the community (as in we live in a community) gym today for the first time. No like as in I have never been to the gym in my life first time. It was nice, the husband and I talked about setting some time for me to go to the gym every couple of days. I’m excited about it, just gotta make sure I make time for me ya know?

tumblr_o14cbdjniw1s2sr8mo1_500While at the gym, I tried running on the treadmill. Oh sweetness! That was a great feeling! So after I left the gym, I continued running outside. I left the community and ran towards the local school – its a block(ish) away. I know I probably looked funny and could only do it in like 1 minute spurts but hey! Ya gotta start somewhere people. I downloaded the C25K program on my phone. Will let you know how that goes.

Now, back to my snacking. I’ve been doing better overall with my eating. I cut rice out of my diet and only have carbs in my veggies, my carb smart wraps and my gluten free cereal. Its hard because I love me some rice and beans but I hafta cut that out. I’ll just save it for cheat days ya know? Now, my snacking……… least I’m not snacking on bad things. I just eat a lot of it. This bad habit I need to kick quick.

Cool thing I just realized. My kids have had a bag of cookies in the course this past week and I haven’t even tried to eat it!

Its the little things I need to concentrate on right?


Current weight: 298

Goal weight: 200 – I’m reaching for it but honestly I’ll be happy with anything below 230

Dietary plans: counting calories and low carb/low fat diet; not eating after dinner, working out on an empty stomach

Workout plan: walking, exercise bicycle, yoga, running, brazilian butt lift

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids