I hate that number. Its my weight.

Its been playing at me all week. Granted I haven’t been exercising like I should and eating like I should. But still!

What am I complaining about? I should be grateful that I didn’t gain weight.

I developed a bad habit when I was sick and i just can’t shake it. I KEEP EATING!

I’ve gotten better…..sigh, but I’m not doing good. And I’m still beating myself up.

In exercise news I had to stop my beach body on demand account (Budget reasons), but a great person is mailing me the slim in 6 video. I’m excited to get back into that program. I tried to do a denise austin video that I found on youtube – its good but it hurts my knees so much.

Ya know could that be the reason why I’m stagnant on my weight?

Nah….Its the eating. STOP EATING JESSICA!!!

Ok I have nothing else to say so bye. I’m gonna try to not eat till dinner.