They’ve been uneventful….well kinda. ya see According to my fitness pal, I’m allowed ~2400 calories a day. I usually come in just under 2000. Which I’ve been like “Score! I’m awesome!”

Well, this week is my PMS week. I heard someone once call it Shark Week – the week where you eat everything in front of you? Yeah. Thats been my week.

Photo on 1-22-16 at 5.04 PMThe thing is I’ve been eating right? But I’ve only been eating my healthy snacks and I’m staying within my calories..well close to it at least..and ya know what? I’ve been feeling like a huge failure.

Like “I’m about to gain all the weight I’ve lost right back” failure. During PMS week my depression gets bad too and yup….I was slacking in the exercise department. Like I would do my yoga but it was hard to motivate me to do anything else.

I was convinced that I was slipping back into my old habits. I kept beating myself up about it which made me more depressed, which made me want to cheat and not do exercise even more.

see the horrible merry-go-round I found myself on?

Then after reading encouraging posts and other stuff in my weight loss challenge group, I realized – its not the quantity its the quality.

8a3900f2729ed3dc70e95a32b611a6b2Its not the amount of hours you work out its exercising. Its not how little or how much you eat its what you eat.

Its okay to have rest days and its okay to go over your calorie count – once in a while…as
long as you stay healthy.

Being healthy is not a short trip, its a long road that never ends (I mean it ends but it ends when you end, okay that got weird quick). It never ends.

Life isn’t perfect, don’t expect yourself to be.