IMG_0786My in-laws came for a visit. It was nice to see them, they brought the kids their christmas gifts (we didn’t see them…they  live in NJ).

Thing was? Because they came I couldn’t work out the 4xs I usually do. I worked out for an hour and a half – but I felt like that wasn’t enough.

What didn’t help was that we went out to eat at Red Robins. I did good, I had a bacon cheeseburger with no bun and steamed broccoli instead of fries. Well, I did mostly well. I asked my husband for 3 fries. Well, its better than before ya know?

Then we got home, bathed and put the kids to bed. What happened then? I had a bowl of cereal and some string cheese – which made me go over my calorie count.


Today my plan was to work out the extra gook I ate; but my in-laws came over. Sigh. I mean I didn’t want to be rude but I had to get one workout in…so I excused myself and did 25 mins of gentle yoga (so I wouldn’t sweat too much) and felt better afterwards.

But now? I feel like I need to do my Slim in 6 and bike. I’m not gonna though – just going for a walk, but man. I am really addicted to working out.IMG_0315

Though I gotta say its a bad addiction because it makes me feel bad when I don’t workout. I mean I should feel good enough to allow myself a rest day right?

I replaced one addiction (eating) with another (working out)…well…I mean its not like its a bad one right?


I guess I’m just a work in progress.

Oh wait awesome news!

Basically, whenever we would go out to eat I would cringe if they sat us at a booth. I would squeeze myself in or move the table if possible. Inside the booth, a bulge of belly would be atop of the table while the table would wedge itself into me.

Welp, yesterday? I slipped into the booth just fine! No bulge of belly…nothing! I mean I still have some extra cushion around my middle, so there was something there but it was exhilarating. Me fitting into a booth.

Next milestone? The bathroom stall. Ya know how those bathrooms are really smaller than they should be. Well certain ones are that way anyways. So because of that I used to just go into the handicap stalls, embarrassed of course when someone was waiting outside it to use it…but I always used to brush it off.

Never worked.

But anyways, yesterday I fit into the small/normal stalls! Yippee! I didn’t have to push my leg against the toilet (grossing myself out completely setting off my OCD) and have the door still press roughly into my belly.

I feel so great about that – which makes me wanna work out more. Sigh the cycle.

I should say that as I’m writing this – my in-laws have left and I am about to … you guessed it… work out. I guess if it starts to interfere with my regular life then I should get help.

Right? Someone lie to me please.


Current weight: 301  

Goal weight: 200 – I’m reaching for it but honestly I’ll be happy with anything below 230

Dietary plans: counting calories and low carb/low fat diet; not eating after dinner, working out on an empty stomach

Workout plan: walking, exercise bicycle, yoga, and Slim in 6 program

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids