I’ve stopped writing. I know you’ve noticed. But I’ve stopped writing because I’m on Facebook. I started a page for my weight loss tracking and I’ve been writing there.

It’s mostly family right now – but that’s only cause I refuse to pay for spotlight on Facebook. It’s $5 a day to make people watch me talk about my weight loss struggles. Yeah I bet a lot of people would click like on my page.

So I’m just posting it here – for those who have been following my struggles and want to continue to see what happens with me (w my exercise and w my mental health struggles) and wanna hear the fun stuff that happens in my family – please join me at http://Facebook.com/thefitjesstorres (if you want to follow my entries, once you click like – click on the follow button and select see first. That way you’ll see everything I post)

I’ll keep this blog open because I have a lot of good on here and I want people to read and be blessed. 

It’s been fun people….