My mother-in-law is fine thank you Jesus! She had a muscle strain…or gets muscle strains when she moves around too much.

Or something like that.

So after that news today just seemed all that much easier. I stayed home with the kids cause it rained and rain just gives me great anxiety. I feel bad sometimes though cause the kids are starting to notice. “Mommy is it dangerous if we go out in the rain?” Yeah the boy asked me that sometime ago. After that I push myself to go out in the rain if I need stuff. If I don’t….well you get my drift. 

Homeschool was horrible today. I don’t know why but their ADD was in full swing today. Sigh. I literally was on the verge of tears at one point. 

Oh wait then I had to cut their toenails today. I know I haven’t told ya, but my son screams like a banshee when I do that. I hate cutting his nails, I feel like I’m really hurting him. Makes me think more and more that he might have SPD or however you call it. Seriously y’all I thought someone was gonna come banging on our door wondering what I was doing to the kid.


So I did my exercise today, but I didn’t feel the burn I normally feel. I can’t be getting used to that so soon … Can I? 

I walked …. a lot.  I didn’t keep track of how long I was walking but I was like a ninja…walking…a…lot.


I didn’t do too good with the snacking. I don’t know for some reason I was just in the mood to eat today! Than God we don’t have a lot to snack on in the house…well I did manage to get a good amount in though. 

Sigh, when will this get easier??


Current weight: 306 – hopefully getting a scale tomorrow 

Goal weight: 230

Dietary plans: counting calorie

Workout plan: walking and exercise bicycle

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids