Dang counting the days is harder than I thought.

Well I haven’t written because we’ve been having problems w our mail. It’s gotten me so depressed, mainly cause we are missing a check. Literally have not been paid in 2 weeks and last paycheck went to bills. Sigh.

I can’t.

I just can’t anymore. Lord please. I can’t anymore.

I’m on hold with the main post office for hopefully a better answer than the post office here. I can’t even anymore. I can’t do this.

Sigh. Positive side not having anything to snack on has been good to me. No snacking right? Nope. Still getting in the snacking.ok,not really I just am not in the mood to write about this crap when I feel the world crumbling around me. God forgive me, but it’s the way I feel.

Hopefully we’ll get answers today….


Current weight: 306 – I should update that but I don’t have a scale

Goal weight: 230

Dietary plans: counting calorie 

Workout plan: walking and exercise bicycle

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids