We had co-op homeschooling today. Gee. Did I say that right? Anyways, on the drive over there I had a panic attack and just wanted to turn around and die. But I pursued on…or persevered on as the right words are. Praying and clinging to my steering wheel. Oh and during class the girl started to freak out because we wanted to trace her body on paper. 

Sigh. I give up. 

Oh plus side. Someone decided to talk to me at co-op and because of that other mothers started talking to me. Was cool.

So, I did my exercise bike but walking was hard to do. The kids busted my knee after I rode the bike. No wait was that before? 

Ay who cares. They hurt my knee. 

My step count is pathetic. 11,000…I could’ve done so much better. My calorie intake is in the green but I had so much snacks it’s not even funny.

Wait. Well, I guess I did better than I think, cause I’ve entered everything I ate…I really shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Maybe it’s the depression talking.

Here’s hoping your day was awesome


Current weight: 306 – I should update that but I don’t have a scale

Goal weight: 230

Dietary plans: counting calorie 

Workout plan: walking and exercise bicycle

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids