Not much to report. We stayed home yesterday just majorly cleaning up. No wait, I lie. We went to Walmart to get groceries and a vacuum. Yes y’all, I have a vacuum that works! The OCD in me is partying right now. 

We vacuumed for the first time since the move yesterday. Oh the crumbs and crap we picked up. Anyways, we did all normal household chores yesterday….and the rest of the unpacking. We were so busy yesterday I almost forgot to eat lunch. I was gonna decide not to but then I thought about all the snacking I would’ve done if I didn’t. So at 3 I ate lunch. I wasn’t too hungry for dinner but at least I didn’t snack right?
Last night was so awesome because of the Doctor Who premiere….so good but I was dead tired so I’m gonna hafts watch it again.

I hit 13,000 steps yesterday and I didn’t even do my 30 minute walk. See? I was busy. But don’t worry I did my exercise bike for an hour…I’m a good girl.
Today day 21…

We went to church today and I tried to get some extra walking in during service. Horrible I know but I was falling asleep! Besides they play the pastors sermon on the loudspeaker throughout the church. I didn’t miss much. So there.

What was I talking about?

We went home and I did my exercise and ate but then we went to the park with the kids, boy was that hard. The boy got an electric shock from the slide, so he refused to get on the slide for like 30 mins. We finally got him back on it but it took 30 mins just to get him to go down it again. But we did…man I need to research anxiety in kids. Need to see how to help him without giving him meds. Anyhow, back on topic, needless to say I haven’t done my walking yet. But I’m going to!

Eating wise I’ve been good today. Just some fruit snacks and goldfish crackers. I’m gonna hold out hope that I won’t do any worse but I will let you know tomorrow.

Sorry this has been so short, but I know tomorrow’s gonn be exciting. Why? I don’t know, just have a feeling.
Here’s hoping your day’s awesome!

Current weight: 306 – I should update that but I don’t have a scale

Goal weight: 230

Dietary plans: counting calories

Workout plan: walking and exercise bicycle

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids