Not much to report today. Was too busy packing and shopping for the move to snack much.

I mean I did snack….I think it had to do with the fact that I didn’t take my whey protein shake like I wanted. Hubby made me eat our usual Saturday morning breakfast…eggs, sausage, bagel, cheese. All that yummy goodness…and I still snacked. But I did it better than usual.

I had popcorn and a granola bar and cheese and some sugar free chocolate and some fruit snacks….I think I went to far again.

I’m learning. I’m learning be patient. 

Still have yet to try out new recipes…kinda nervous.

Oh new news, my mom and brother started medifast. Now I feel like I’m in competition with both of them. Which of course I’m gonna lose because …. Well I lose at everything. But that’s more a therapy issue than a….blog….issue.

Anyways moving on…I don’t like them going on that. Especially cause I can’t.

Well enough of me worrying about them. Here’s to me being healthy and happy.


Current weight: 306

Goal weight: 230

Dietary plans: counting calories

Workout plan: walking

Reason for: to be healthy and happy and there for my kids