ive been trying new things on this blog and I’ve finally realized what I needed to do. I first needed to get my priorities straight and deal with the life that I was hiding from and next lose weight.

So I dealt with life….sorta and now I deal with my weight.

I can’t show you pictures now of me … Cause I’m in my pjs, but I will tell you my starting weight. Give me a second this takes a bit to write. Mainly cause I don’t wanna. But if I want to remain accountable…..I’m 306 pounds right now. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far….at least I think so as I didn’t weight myself at my heaviest. But here’s me…starting.

I have a Fitbit and it seems to be working, but my stupid antipsych meds Re making it hard for me to know if nothing is really working. 

If you don’t know most antipsych meds make you gain weight. Like bad. So it’s hard for me, oh forgot to mention that I have no thyroid gland and am emotional eater.

Yeah got it all rising against me. 

So this will be me writing daily Bout life and what I want to eat and how I’m trying to lose weight and anything that I can find that will help losing weight wise. I will still post stories of my kids because well, they’re awesome and I need to remember some of this junk.

I. Will still write about my struggle with bipolar but that won’t be much because I am finnLy starting to accept that, though not to much because I haven’t really accepted the real me.

I mean maybe I’m supposed to be 306 pounds. Until I can accept that possibility … Or my be I shouldn’t accept that possibility. That’s the new road this blog is gonna take.

Day 1 – still recouping from the stomach virus so I stayed waaaay under my calorie goals.

I took a lot of premium crackers I know – but my stomach was killing me!

Please ignore that red…I don’t know what’s that about.

For those who don’t know how to read this screen, easily put: gray bars = calories I’ve burned. Yellow bar = calories I’ve eaten. That yellow should be green but I haven’t eaten enough…so I’m under target. 

So I think that’s it for today. Hubby’s trying to encourage me but he’s downstairs eating ice cream he just bought.


Alrighty then night folks!

And poof I’m gone