So….I’m a fairly shy girl. I’m an introvert and I have social anxiety; as you can tell I’m a total blast at parties. Anyhow, this leads me to awkward moments when people talk to me. Like me avoiding eye contact at all costs or hiding in a corner or for example; my “I don’t know why” moment.

I was at Walmart with the kids, wrangling them into a cart. I was trying to maneuver around the other carts when an elderly man started to help me. He started pushing the carts that were in the way, out of the way.

My response? Did I thank him? Did I say some joke about the carts, kids, or shopping with a tribe?

Nope. My response?


I did a nice loud *Snort*


I don’t know why.



P.S. I know this would’ve been better as a vlog, but I have a roller on and I’m in my pjs. Too much work to change. Plus I don’t wanna….that’s key in this equation too.