I love my husband.

Really, he is the best thing that has happened to me. I am so grateful for him….buuuuuuuuut. Yeah there’s always that but.

He can be as blind as a bat.  Or an oblivious man.

Lemme give you an example.

We did laundry the other day and left it in the dryer. When we do that my mom puts it in a trash bag and leaves it in the hallway….her idea of a joke I guess.

Anyways, I took the bag halfway upstairs when I gave up. I mean that suhckah was heavy! Anywho, I left it on the stairs knowing that my strong, vibrant husband would take it the rest of the way up. It took up the whole stair,  obviously the man would take it up right?

Weeeeeellllllllll……when my husband came home, the dude made his own path and climbed up the stairs without the bag.


not funny mistah

After I took this picture my husband came down and said: wha? I’m gonna take it up. 

Really dude? Really?