So if you follow me on Twitter you know my parents and I have been having a little war over Annie. Lemme explain what’s been happening.

A couple of years ago, I showed the original Annie to my son and he freaked out over Mrs. Hannigan. She was too scary for him at the time (I believe he was 3…maybe 2). So when the new Annie came out I was excited,  he could watch it and not be scared of Carol Burnetts all to real portrayal of a drunken mess. 

So we watched it and both of them were enraptured….man am I using a lot of big words today or what? Anyhow, my mother comes upstairs while they were watching it. I was in the kitchen cleaning up when I hear: “Jessica, how could you let them watch this! Do you see what is on? She’s shaking her shoulders and everything! Your son even looked at me he knew this was something your not supposed to watch!!!!”  I thought: “he’s looking at you wondering why you freaking out for no reason”

I come over to see Cameron Diaz (who plays Mrs. Hannigan) in a sleeveless dress looking at a dude. No shaking. No nothing. I mean I know we are Christians but um….we are not monks. I mean Hes seen me getting dressed. I’m not gonna hide him from everything. Basically if I did we would be living like the duggars….and I’m not even gonna go into how that turned out. He just has to know no one touches his special place and He touches no one else’s. 

Yeah we live maturely over here.

Anyways…my son confused asked to watch something else. Later on I told him it was okay to watch Annie, and well, I regret that decision wholeheartedly. It’s been nothing but Annie in this house ever since.

Anyways, we’ve been getting comments about how dirty this movie was from both my parents when one day (the other day) (wouldn’t you like to know which one), they came home with the a DVD of Annie….


 I rolled my eyes as my kids started to watch it. Hey at least they were watching the original of which I have no memory of. We started watching and then Mrs. Hannigan started making out and rubbing herself on the laundry man. Horrified …. I mean who wants their kids to see that?! …. I tried to get my sons attention while my mom fast forwarded. My son curious….”why you do that nana?” “Cause she’s not nice and boring” “no she’s very nice” Yea nice walking around in a nightie…getting drunk…slobbering over men….stealing money.
Gee thanks mom to introducing this stuff to my son.

I think we shall stick to my Annie.