so this past weekend we had the most awesome opportunity of showing my son his first movie in a theater. We saw Inside Out…

It was a great movie! 

My son only asked to go to the bathroom once and was rude (loud talking) only once. He told the whole theater proclaimed in his loudest voice thatthe movie was too long, which is funny cause he’s seen longer. I think it’s just longest he’s sat through (he usually bumps around the playroom).

Anyways….now for my moment. We came back from the bathroom when I hear Joy saying to be quiet…or something like that. We sat down and I saw the second scariest thing ever.


I freaked out majorly. My heart was in my throat, but no fear cause I kept it cool (I know so not like me right?) and looked to my son who was rivited and loving it.

Me on the other hand?

Cried quietly for the entire scene, while I clutched the arm of the chair….praying the clown wouldn’t come out of the screen to get me.
P.S. For those of you wondering….the first scariest thing is any and all spiders.