With the introduction of my alphabet soup into my life (ya know….Bipolar 2, OCD, ADHD, SAD, GAD) – many things have had to change.

I can’t watch Criminal Minds anymore, I can’t watch a lot of TV shows now that I think about it. But Criminal Minds is the one that I really miss. But there are other things that have changed. It scares me to drive in the rain. Apparently going out in the rain means we’ll die.

I can’t read about people getting sick…..yeah can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I cant read about people getting sick cause I think we are gonna get sick.

Wait….i think I’ve admitted that before.


Lets move on and not dwell on that embarrassing nutter part of me.

Biggest thing is money.

I hafta call my husband whenever I want to buy something (dont get mad at him….I have put us in debt with my spending. So yeah….I need to be kept accountable. Thank you bipolar for that).

Now when it comes to bills – he has to handle it. I freak out. I can’t handle it anymore. He knows what we pay and when to pay it. Oh, wait one thing is under my supervision…or whatever is the right word. I pay the Lane Bryant bill. Big thing as I put a lot of mileage on that suhckah.

Anyhow, last night we had a meeting with my parents….I know I’ve told you we live with my parents….but I cant find the link. So just imagine you know what I’m talking about.

So, the meeting. My parents sat us down and said they’ve been struggling to pay the utilities (we only pay half the mortgage) and asked if we could pay them a little extra for the utilities.

The whole time my parents were looking at me….I mean that makes sense as I am their daughter….but they were waiting for an answer to whether or not we could do it.

I said: I don’t know why you looking at me. The husband handles the money.

They start to look at the husband and I added: Shoo. I dont even know how often we pay you. Monthly? Do we pay you weekly?

The husband: No we pay them quarterly.

Me: wha? really?

The husband: Jessica, of course we pay them monthly.

Whoops. Well, at least I knew we pay them right?