I suffer from a major anxiety disorder right? well,  I’ve actually had anxiety issues from childhood, but not until I was older did I realize what was wrong with me.

Lemme tell ya, I literally thought I had heart issues for most of my life. I kid you not. Actually now that I think about it, that’s my thinking still (I swear I’m dying at least three times a day).

what was I saying?

Oh yeah, have had anxiety issues all my life. So it makes sense that when I was pregnant with my son….I had major anxiety. Especially with me on bedrest for 5 months of my pregnancy, I had a lot to be anxious about.

Anywheys, my story.

We were living with my parents (hello bedrest for 5 months….we moved out but we moved back in with them again {now} if you’re recognizing the fact that…..I dont know what I’m trying to say. Lets just move on)

One night I was having trouble sleeping, as I have heard most pregnant women do, and I thought going to the bathroom might make my night easier. Mostly cause I had to pee.

Anywho, I slept with my light on because I swore the evil demons would get me if I slept by myself with the light off. Oh yeah, my husband worked nights at the time….so I was by myself. Mostly by myself in my room, in the house was my brother and parents.

So back to that night.

I went to open the door when I heard it.


I froze in fear and my paranoia/anxiety kicked in high gear. 

The evil demons found me.


No wait. Theres a wild animal in this house!


Swallowing the ever growing fear, I bravely held my pregnant belly in one hand and stepped out to knock on my parents door, which was right across from mine.


It was getting louder! I pressed my ear against my parents door praying that the animal wouldn’t get me when I realized…the sound was coming from my parents room.

The animal had gotten…….into……

I listened with my ear against the door and smiled.

It was my dad snoring.