So recently my husband accused me of the most irrational, horrendous thing in the world. That I am indecisive.

Me? Yup. Me.

IMG_0203How rude right? I mean I can make up my mind if I want to.

Granted there have been many times I’m standing in my kitchen, frozen… wondering what I want to do first. But its still rude….I mean those times are a rarity. I am so not decisive…wait. Indecisive. I am not an indecisive person. Meanwhile I have both my iPad and laptop open and I’m switching between them things.

Then I found out on Natasha Tracy’s siteindecisiveness is a symptom of my alphabet soup (Bipolar II, ADHD, GAD, SAD, and OCD … guess how much fun I am at parties). 


defeated I remembered a funny story from my childhood.

My parents had taken us to a Greek restaurant (love those type of restaurants, miss them apparently you can only  find them in NY) one late night. This basically means that the restaurant was empty, so we had our choice of seating.

So moving on….we were eating our  meal when this elderly couple came in; they must have been in their 70s. The waiter told them the same thing they told us: “You can sit wherever you want.”

Well, that was music to the old mans ears – but the woman couldn’t make up her mind. She started from the back of the restaurant to the front. Changing her mind as soon as she sat down.

“No. This isnt right. Nope. too far away from the window. Nope too close to the window. Nope too…..”

By the time they had reached us the old man had had enough.

“Are you kidding me here? Your not happy in  any seat. Next thing you know we are gonna end up outside and you still wont be happy.”

Being all of 9 and 15…my brother and I tried to stifle our laughs. My parents tried to hide their smiles while they reprimanded us and the old couple moved to another seat yet again.

I wonder will that be me and the husband 50 years from now? A tired old Man and an indecisive biddy driving around aimlessly because I wont make a decision of where I want to eat.