We’ve been going a lot more lately and as you know with the weather getting warmer – the bees are coming out. Sheesh. They are invading our little deck haven and I’m freaking out. My anxieties go through the roof and I wonder if my children are safe from the stings – thank you Jesus we’ve gone without bee stings for now. 

But with that fact I get scared…..are my kids allergic? What’s gonna happen if they are? I could go on with what I think but that’s too much for one post.

After like 20 mins, I said to the kids lets go in, but they begged to be outside longer. Obviously not wanting to pass my fears along I relented. Or whatever … Not sure if that’s the right word. I gave in is what I’m trying to say.

So what did I do? I sat there watching the skies (we have a queen honey bee looking for a home today. At least I think it was a queen honey bee. All I know is it was freaking huge bee.) I kept swinging at it to get away from the kids (bad I know but I gotta protect my kids from dying….maybe), and it would fly away but I had to be vigilant. This bee and the others would not touch my babies!

That’s about the time I realized….no I’m lying I didn’t realize til we got inside…how foolish I was being. I was sitting there, sometimes standing there, swinging my flip flop at the air….I must’ve looked ridiculous. I should’ve been trusting the Lord. How much easier my time would’ve been if I had just trusted God, about the small bees. That big bee was totally challenging me and the kids, constantly in our faces. But the small bees…..I should’ve trusted God.

I know it’s harder to trust because of my anxiety disorder, but let my silliness be a lesson to y’all. Gods got it under control even something as small as bees.