Well yesterday was world bipolar day. I hope y’all were better than me in busting down stigmas door. Me? Just trying to slow my anxious heart enough, cause today I have my first therapist appt.

I haven’t been to a therapist since I went to the one that fell asleep on me, so I’m really nervous as to what to expect. At least I’m going kid less …. Finally one appt I can say what I actually feel without thoughts of repercussions. 

I’ve been feeling better but I think my pms is making things bad again. I can’t tell because … remember I had my hysterectomy …. So anyways, I hope that’s it. Because I’ve been feeling better, I just hate the thought of needing more meds. Especially when I’ve come so far.

Did I tell you the doctor wants to decrease some meds? I love it. I just hope I can live on just lithium. Well we shall see ya know? 

What else? Oh dang I gotta get ready for therapy. Talk to you later….