So yesterday my brother came over and brought me coffee. He asked me of course what I wanted (coffee wise, other ways it woulda been a long call); I forgot to tell him decaf.

Yeah. I drank a little to be polite…like this much


And then boom the hypo high hit. I quit drinking and told him what happened and he helped me flush the coffee out of my system but the hypo is here to stay.


My mind won’t stop racing, I took my meds last night and was able to get some sleep but not a lot.

Wait wait wait.

I was talking to my brother and I kept getting stuck on a word. Has that happened to you? It kept happening it was so annoying! It’s happened before I can’t remember if I was hypo or not.


Another thing my body keeps tensing up. This is new…could I still have too much caffeine in my body? Or could it be the mania/hypo whatever.

Ok…I don’t remember what else I wanted to say and I gotta call my endocrinologist cause he didn’t give me enough meds this time around. I hate when doctors don’t do what you want, oh I love this song