So this morning I had to run out and get blood work done. Real quick, last night it rained ice; so this morning my car was covered in….you guessed it…ice.

Shocking I know.

Anyways, my car keys are on the same ring as my house keys. So I went out for a minute to warm up the car and ran back in. As I was leaving (my mom was with the kids), i asked my mom to lock up and then I had a horrifying thought:

What did I do with my house keys?

Were they in my pocket?

Were they in my purse?

Lord, please let them be in my purse.

Oh my gosh, what if I lost my keys?

How could I lose my keys?

I bet they’re in my purse

Please God let them be in my purse

As I rounded the corner of my parked car a picture came to mind. My car keys and my house keys… the ignition of my car.

You’d think I’d be embarrassed…no. My next thought was “oh thank God

I’m so awesome.