So there I am driving along – with my tribe of course – and boom the person in my car turns to me and says: “I know someone who got dementia from taking antipsychotics for too long. You know you should think about that”

I should state here this person doesn’t think I have bipolar. Forget the fact that the meds are working for me, that I’m finally doing things for myself. That ….. Whatever not gonna keep going down that road cause I think you get it. I mean if you look at the basics of the meds alone? They are working on me – why in the world would you try and bully someone into doing something you want them to do?

Wait….why would you do that to someone who is an OCD germophobe? All things medical trigger my OCD. Why? Why? Why would you be so cruel?


I just brushed them off the best I could and said that I knew that and that it doesn’t happen with all meds (I’m on lithium and risperidone). But still! Wait did I say that? I don’t even remember….sigh. I’m such a mess right now, trying to rush to write this. We got homeschool co op today. My mind is running fast again. I think I’m in a mixed episode …. Cause that depressed feeling didn’t last too long and I tried to swerve my car yesterday in the middle of the highway.

What was I saying?

I don’t know gotta go make sure the kids have eaten.