So we had homeschool co-op today. I was with the nursery worker today, usually I’m with the boy in his class but today I was with the girl.

I was feeling the cloud of evil magnetas just hang over me when this conversation just about made my day. The nursery worker read a story about food, and was talking about the kids favorite food.

Nursery worker: so what do you like to eat baby girl?

Baby girl: RICE! I like RICE!!

Nursery worker: ooo I like rice too. What about you next child?

Baby girl: (louder) RICE!!!

Nursery worker: uh-huh but what about you next child?

Baby girl: RICE!!! (Then she looks at me in desperation) I like RICE mommy!!!

Me: I know sweetie, calm down

Sooo….think she likes rice?