So recently we had a family meeting …. Because of the family issue that occurred of course.

It was nice. To a point, I felt alone. I felt so out of place. I know that it has to do with my disease playing tricks with my mind. Well, lemme explain better.

We had a time of prayer in our family and before that time of prayer, they asked for prayer requests. I wanted to talk about my disease and how I need some lifting up in prayer in that but just the night before one of my family members talked about generational curses. Something I don’t believe in because it’s not biblical, but I knew if I said something he would line me up with all the crap that’s happening in my family.


I mean I’m most probably wrong and could’ve asked for prayer request for my issues – but I just kept thinking about how everyone would react. How could I ask for prayer from people who don’t understand what I’m going through? Who think I just need to pray this disease away?

I know I said I wanted to bust stigmas door down but how do you do it in your own family?