well duuuuuuhhhhh right?

Well it is a new year. Fresh with no mistakes. No freak outs. No depressions. No nothings. Lets take it at what it is. New. Fresh start. And thats what we should all do.

Forget what lies behind us. the heartache the pain. the embarassment, the dismay. the whatever and look ahead.

Dont look back. God made us with our heads facing forward. Keep facing forward friends. with that said let me catch you up on the past coupla days.

We’ve been getting over a bad case of bronchitis here. My poor babies have been listless and lying about for the past coupla days but today they seemed to be getting over the hump.

Actually it was yesterday.

But thats neither here nor there. So first funny story. I was playing blocks with the kids when I realized I was the only one making creations. In fact to the point that my son was telling me what to create. Obviously I had to put a stop to it:

Me: Wait, why are you telling me what to do? am I the only one playing?
Little man: moooooooommmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy……………I dont wanna play
Baby girl: I’m playing! I’m playing (Picks up her wand she made out of blocks, touches every block and says) You’re a car! You’re a car! You’re a car!

Cause thats how you play with blocks. Way to stay fresh and looking forward baby girl!

Then I was taking baby girl upstairs to change her diaper when we heard Sophia the first start talking on the TV. My daughter stops walking up the stairs and goes: “Oh hi Sophia!” Then proceeded to wait on the stairs for a response.

My daughter is doing better………..maybe. Granted she is only 3 but still. Thats just……..too cute. I know. Thats why I wanted to share.

To look to the future….in my case my kids…you’ll always get a smile.