Some people just don’t listen.

That’s what it is isn’t it? That’s what I hafta learn Lord right? That some people just don’t listen and they think they know what’s best for you and your family when they don’t even ask questions.

They just go on judge and spread their fear mongering – which by the way caused me to have a major panic and paranoia attack the other day.

Thank you sweet Jesus nothing happened.

But seriously Lord. I’m trying to understand and I am learning a lot being able to live with them but this part I just don’t get. This fear mongering and judgemental stuff. What can I do?

They don’t even believe I have bipolar, that everything I am going through can be cured through prayer and faith in the Lord. Sigh. Lord why can’t I help them see? Maybe that’s not what I’m here for. Lord please guide me.

Forgive me Lord for getting so angry with them, use me Lord please.