I’m just reeling.

Was hit with someones judgemental words again. They hurt, didn’t hit as hard this time but still hurt. No way any human in their right mind would not be hurt by what was said.

I don’t even know what I want to say.

I cant even talk about what I want to say because they read this blog. I’m just hurt.

I wanna write but all I can think of this. How screwed up is that? They are even ruining your opportunity for awesomeness because of their words of fear.

Ya know now that I think of it thats where their words came from fear. I have endured abuse like that before and continue to do so. Fear mongering I think its called.

They dont mean to do it just thats what they are used to doing.

My husband says I just should ignore them and thats what I’m gonna try to do. Be the bigger person – try to see where they are coming from and forgive them.