My mom once told me that I didn’t have bipolar because I wasn’t like this other woman she knew. The other woman was an anxious mess shaking ….. Blah, blah, blah.

What my mom doesn’t realize is that I’m considered high functioning. I can. Hold down a job – I do in fact hold one down (hello homeschooling mom of two).

The days I can’t I hide behind the computer screen and Netflix but I feel like those days are far behind me.

Could be the mania talking though.

But back to what I was getting to. I’m high functioning but there are times when I hear that balloon of my life start to hiss. Where my life starts to unravel. I heard bipolar being described one time as a worm crawling across the skull, slapping the wires in your brain as it goes across then boom it takes a bite.

Or something really creepy like that. Can’t remember where I heard that from. But I feel that worm tapping across my head dragging the wires behind it.

I can’t deal.

The balloon is hissing.

Thank God my drs appt is this Thursday.

I hate the Bad.