I’m saddened.

I’m…..disgusted. I’m scared.

I’m scared because a 12 year old boy was viewed as a viable threat. I’m scared because the ignorance that is met at this verdict. Yes people, this is all about race. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

Don’t try to color code it as something else – this is about hate.

Hatred toward me.


And hatred towards them.


                                                Yes, it is an old picture – but do you know how hard it is to get them two in a picture lately?

I said something on fb about the sadness I felt and was told not to mistake this for anything but sin because people need Jesus. Yes, this also has to do with sin. But ya know what……Hate of my skin color is a byproduct of the sin in their heart.

I will not mistake that. I know that person’s ignorance is only because they have not lived the life of being the wrong skin color. Being followed in the store with your two babies because you’re a darker skin color. I would not wish that on them. I would not wish on them, the obligation to teach their son that cops are to be feared and avoided at all costs. That because we live in a southern state my babies have to try harder to be respected half as much as their white friends. That in school (if they went), some teachers will ignore them just because they are brown. That at doctors offices we are less likely believed. Our care rate is less because we are brown.

This is my reality I would not wish on anyone. This is the reality that was reinforced yesterday. I do not matter to anyone here.

But my ninjas lemme tell you what, I’m okay with that. Because my Lord and Savior is there with open arms waiting for me to go and cry to when times get tough. He is there for you too. Don’t forget to look to Him. He will get us through these times.