I dont know if you’ve heard about the Healthline campaign “You’ve Got This”? But its a series of videos made by people who have bipolar disorder to those who have been recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The cool part is that for every video made & placed in their campaign, they donate $10 to To Write Love On Her Arms. Which leads to obvious the more exposure the campaign gets the more the videos they’ll get and the more Healthline can donate to research, support, and treatment programs for mental health disorders. (I took that last part out of the email they sent me)

They asked me to make a video and I decided to also to write a blog post about this. Its a great way to help others know that they are not alone – please if you have time…. make a video. Do your good deed for the day…or whatever….lets help each other out. Make a video and let them know they are not alone and that they can get through this diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Lets let the others know they are not alone in their fight against their evil magentas.

by the way here is my video:

Healthline contacted me to only upload a video, I posted this blog post on my own accord. The opinions are mine alone.